About Team Summit

Team SUMMIT strives to work with youth in both Lawrence and surrounding towns, between the ages of 7 and 18, who are not deeply engaged in – or accessing – other youth development resources in the area. Team SUMMIT is also actively working with several community partners (including the YMCA and the YWCA) to recruit and serve youth, recruitment at this time is primarily word of mouth. The youth served are those who might otherwise be lost to those organizations by attrition, and also provide programming that brings new youth in contact with those larger institutions.

The vast majority of youth currently involved in the program come from low-income local families who are struggling with issues ranging from inadequate/unstable housing, to delinquency, lack of school engagement, and other issues. Team SUMMIT is currently engaged with approximately 200 kids, about 80% of whom come from Lawrence, 10% of whom come from Methuen (mostly the Tenney area), 5% of whom come from Lowell and 5% of whom come from Haverhill.

Team SUMMIT has only been in operation, as a part-time start-up, for approximately 3 years. Preliminary results show examples of what we eventually hope to achieve. We are in an exciting and eye opening time for Team SUMMIT, as we begin to navigate different waters with some of the youth that have been with us from the start. We work with the youth regarding colleges, future plans and overall concerns about responsibility as they become adults.

Through our programs we are working with the youth to establish a sense of self, of accomplishment and of possibility. They are given the tools and the resources to take an active and meaningful role in their own future, through leadership and accountability.