About Team Summit

Team SUMMIT strives to work with youth in both Lawrence and surrounding towns, between the ages of 6 and 18, who are not deeply engaged in – or accessing – other youth development resources in the area. Team SUMMIT is also actively working with several community partners (including the YMCA and the YWCA) to recruit and serve youth, recruitment at this time is primarily word of mouth. The youth served are those who might otherwise be lost to those organizations by attrition, and also provide programming that brings new youth in contact with those larger institutions.

The vast majority of youth currently involved in the program come from low-income local families who are struggling with issues ranging from inadequate/unstable housing, to delinquency, lack of school engagement, and other issues. Team SUMMIT is currently engaged with approximately 280 kids, about 85% of whom come from Lawrence, 10% of whom come from Methuen (mostly the Tenney area) and 5% of whom come from Haverhill. Team SUMMIT also works with a population that is generally referred to as “Transitional Age Youth”, for the purposes of this non-profit this is the ages 18-22. For the most part these are youth that have been in the program and have been engaged consistently up to their 18th birthday.

It has been identified that similarly to the Department of Children and Families (DCF) as well as the Department of Mental Health (DMH) in the youth non-profit world there are gaps in the systems of care for this age group. Team SUMMIT is committed to helping youth transition from high school into what-ever path they choose. This may be transitions related to college, work, GED etc. Team SUMMIT does not only help with transitions, we are also committed to being a resource for this age group in ongoing growth and acclimation to community. This responsibility does not end at 18, nor does it end when a path forward is forged and begun. A safety net of supports and resources can be the determining factor for many in this age group. Between working harder or giving up – there are choices and Team SUMMIT is there to help with these choices. Team SUMMIT is currently serving both boys and girls. There is some cross over in several programs, and there is individual girls programming.